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Use Dickens Content To Grow Your Brand

Digital assets are the foundation for thought leadership, enabling your audience to discover and engage with your personal brand. Well-executed and distributed content allows your audience to determine your expertise for themselves—creating an invaluable link of trust.

Our Dickens program is a done-for-you content service for business leaders who want to grow their authority with content. With the support of your content strategists, you can become a go-to thought leader with quality content to confirm your status as an industry authority.

The Three-Part Dickens Strategy  

Before a single word is typed, we develop a Master Content Plan. This plan is designed by your dedicated team of Digital Media & Engagement and Content Strategists, based on your unique industry and perspective. This plan typically takes 2-3 weeks to create.

After your plan is launched, your Digital Strategist will meet with you each month to share insights and recommendations for refining your plan based on trending opportunities and performance.

As your Master Content Plan is developed, your team will consider these areas of special interest to maximize the value and resonance of your articles.

1. Goals and Brand Positioning

Our Content Strategists will work with you to design a strategy that aligns with your content objectives and the brand messaging elements that need to be included. We will conduct an analysis of your brand strengths and media footprint, then audit the market for unique content message and distribution opportunities.

2. Audience

Exploring your ideal audience profile, including how they interact with your brand and why they engage with you, will help us refine our messaging and distribution so we can maximize your return. We will use your available data as well as our own research and best practices to structure a messaging framework and outreach plan that is tailored to best suit your objectives.

3. Distribution

Our team will find your audience in the places where and when they will best resonate with your message, inclusive of an integrated outreach on third party platforms and through your owned channels for optimal reach. Typical distribution channels include your personal brand website, LinkedIn, and Medium.

What’s Included in the Dickens Service?

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Personalized Master Content Plan

A personalized one-year content strategy

Dickens Articles icon

Twelve Ghostwritten Articles

Up to 18,000 total word count across 12 articles or whitepapers

Content Distribution

Strategic guidance on how to utilize your Dickens content to best reach your audience within your owned channels, social channels and through distribution onto relevant platforms such as Medium

Performance Analytics

Provided performance metrics and strategic suggestions

Dickens Service Process

To best align your goals with our service, we develop a Master Content Plan that outlines the content strategy. At the end of 12 months, you will have up to 18,000 words of high quality, ghostwritten content that could possibly be re-fashioned into a book.

Dickens is a 12-month service that may be renewed annually.

Become a Thought Leader with Dickens

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