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Digital Media and Engagement

Discover a done-for-you strategy to reach and build trust with your audience. Benefit from our comprehensive approach including email nurture and engagement, SEO optimization, and strategic social media recommendations.

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Our Comprehensive Digital Service

This digital media and audience engagement (DME) service is ideal for business leaders who want a solution to engage and nurture their audience.

Through this service, we work to build your authority and digital presence through a personal brand platform that is crafted to initiate relationships, build trust, and nurture and engage the audience you are building. This includes the design and development of a personal brand website, optimized for maximum impact.

What’s Included in the Digital Media and Engagement Service?

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Authority Brand Website

Professionally developed website to promote your personal brand and rank on search engines.

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Website SEO Services 

Ongoing search engine optimized suggestions, helping you own your name online. 

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Audience Engagement Campaigns

Monthly audience engagement campaigns executed via email.

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Social Media Audit

Social media profile audit and strategic, high-impact recommendations. 

Our social media team helps position members to achieve organic traffic through each channel.

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The Details: What To Expect

When you sign up for our Digital Media and Engagement service, we work to enhance your digital footprint while bringing in new audiences to discover you and your expertise.

This includes:

  1. Building a new, SEO-optimized personal brand website
  2. Social media recommendations
  3. Ongoing email engagement campaigns.

Your Digital Assets

Authority Brand Website

To compete online, you need a professional digital calling card — your authority brand website.

We create and manage the platform, including links to opt-in or perform an assessment. Our experts advise you on creating your domain and best practices for your website.


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Audience Engagement Campaigns

Your monthly program includes single or multi-step audience engagement campaigns that are customized and utilized to nurture your audience.

Your Digital Media Specialist manages the customization of your content and activation of each campaign within your account. These emails are used to drive greater awareness and engagement, encouraging your audience to interact with you.

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Social Media Audit

Our social media experts will also conduct an audit to discover opportunities to enhance your digital profile.

These recommendations will include how to best leverage your professional experience and display your thought leadership. We recommend refreshing your social media platforms every 3-6 months to keep your profile fresh and up-to-date.

Each month you’ll receive metrics on your email campaign and approve optimization recommendations for your website and/or campaigns.

Your Advantage | Forbes Books Team

To amplify your existing authority and brand recognition, you need a team you can trust. Our team of PR, digital media and engagement, and content strategists bring decades of experience together under a brand that has been amplifying authority since 2005.

With the Advantage | Forbes Books team working on your behalf, you’ll gain access to a wider reach of view, and media assets to support your ongoing thought leadership.

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