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Podcasting Made Easy

Confirm your expertise and gain trust with your audience with our done-for-you podcast service.

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Become a Go-To Podcast Host

Take control of your online reputation and grow your audience as a podcast host. This popular medium allows you to display your expert knowledge and become an industry thought leader.

According to Amplifi Media, only 26% of podcasts have over 10 episodes and a new episode within the last year. Create just 11 episodes, and your podcast will have more content available than 74% of all podcast shows.

With the support of seasoned producers, we can turn your industry knowledge into a compelling podcast—with a host of A-list guests to attract more listeners. All scripting, scheduling, and production components are handled for you, allowing you to focus on delivering your message

What’s Included in the Podcast Service

Pod Episodes

24 Episodes

Turnkey production of twelve “interview style” podcasts, split into 24 episodes over the course of a year

Scheduling and Production

All logistics and interview preparation are provided for you—from interview scheduling to interview questions

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Podcast Distribution

Distribution of your podcast on popular streaming sites

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The Details: What To Expect

Built into this service, our highly seasoned producers will pitch and book high-caliber guests from your target list of prospects, clients, or industry influencers. We then help you transform your thought leadership into a polished, professional series that can be shared by you and your guests with your networks.

To further extend your reach, each podcast will also be shared with targeted listeners on high-visibility podcast streaming services including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more.

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Praise for Forbes Books Audio

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“Hosting a podcast was an incredible way to deliver value to my network with content from thought leaders, but it was also a great way to shine a light on the people that I want to work with the most and help me deepen my relationships with them. Working with Forbes Books was such a pleasure, and it was 100% easier than I ever thought it would be with their professional production and leadership.”

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Mari Tautimes
Author and Speaker

The Great Digital Transformation podcast

“It's been such a joy working with the Forbes Books podcast program! The experience has been both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling. The friendly collaboration and commitment to high-quality content really make the program stand out.”

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Gerard Szatvanyi
CEO of OSF Global Services

Brendan P. Keegan Forbes Audio

“If you are thinking about hosting a podcast, there is one surefire way to accelerate your decision and virtually guarantee your success – leverage Forbes Books! I did, and it was one of our best marketing decisions of the last year. If you want to drive your brand, increase your leads, and win in the marketplace, give Forbes Books podcasts a call, you will be making the best marketing decision of the year.”

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Brendan Keegan
CEO of Merchants Fleet

Your Advantage | Forbes Books Team

To amplify your existing authority and brand recognition, you need a team you can trust. Our team of PR, digital media and engagement, content strategists bring decades of experience together under a brand that has been amplifying authority since 2005.

With the Advantage | Forbes Books team working on your behalf, you’ll gain access to a wider reach of view, and media assets to support your ongoing thought leadership.

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