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In the conclusion of Frank's talk with Ramsay Siegal, a partner at Earthshot Ventures, Ramsay discusses how inflation is affecting climate-focused VC funds and the impact venture capital will have in reversing climate change. About Ramsay Siegal: Ramsay is a Partner at Earthshot Ventures, a venture capital fund that supports entrepreneurs building technologies to address climate change. Earthshot aims to bring more catalytic funding into the climate tech space while drawing on new and existing networks to help founders accelerate their paths to market. Siegal sits on the investing team leading several deals each year. In 2021, Earthshot Ventures spun out of Elemental Excelerator, where Siegal led a portfolio of 100+ climate tech companies. Prior to working in the venture capital space, Siegal worked at eMeter, a smart metering software company that was acquired by Siemens. Following the acquisition, she supported the international expansion of eMeter’s software technology through channel partners in the Asia Pacific region. She began her climate-focused career selling commercial-scale solar photovoltaics in Northern California.

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