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Authority Media Services

Expanding your digital presence is essential to reaching new audiences and enhancing your reputation as an industry leader. Our objective is to create the foundation for high-performing content to produce a loyal, growing, and engaged audience.

We accomplish this with our multi-channel approach including 1) a customized website for your digital assets, 2) email nurture and audience engagement, and 3) strategic social media optimization.

This three-fold approach creates the foundation for growth while establishing your name as a go-to authority.

What’s Included in the Digital Media and Engagement Service?

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Authority Brand Website

Professionally developed website to promote your personal brand and rank on search engines.

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Website SEO Services 

Ongoing search engine optimized suggestions, helping you own your name online. 

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Audience Engagement Campaigns

Monthly audience engagement campaigns executed via email.

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Social Media Audit

Social media profile audit and strategic, high-impact recommendations. 

Our social media team helps position members to achieve organic traffic through each channel.

What Are the Steps to a Winning Digital Strategy?

In a competitive digital landscape, you need an edge to out-perform your competitors. We work with you to design and build a website experience that enhances your authority and recognition.

Each website is developed with engaging, interactive content that is powered by targeted SEO, nurturing your business growth. We work to keep your website and brand name on the top of search engines, allowing others to find you and engage with your brand.

An integrated media and content distribution strategy will ensure your content is packaged and shared widely beyond your website. Thus attracting handpicked influencers, communities, and media platforms that can supercharge your growing presence and credibility.

This is a 12-month service that may be renewed annually.

Build Authority with Digital Media and Engagement

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