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Advantage Media helps thought leaders grow their business and share their expertise through our book publishing imprints and media services.

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Who We Help

From the grassroots entrepreneur to the C-Suite executive, we serve industry leaders looking for a new way to grow their business or their brand by sharing their stories and lessons with the world.

First, we help you tell your story in a published book, then we’ll use your book as a platform to turn you into the Authority in your field by employing personal brand marketing services that increase viewership, engage your target audience and grow your visibility and recognition in your field, with the potential for TV interviews, speaking engagements, and an influx of new leads.

In the end, our customers tell the story better than we ever could...

What We Do

Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing is the strategic process of systematically positioning a person or an organization as the leader and expert in their industry, community, and marketplace to command outsized influence over competitors.

An Owned Media Approach

Our media services are designed to work in concert with your authority building strategy, finding and captivating audiences, then moving them to respond. Your ultimate goal is to be top of mind with your intended audience, effectively positioned as THE authority in your field. A key objective will be to “own your first page” of organic search results for your name and, where possible, keywords that will drive high-value audiences to you and your message. Your central content hub to drive these audiences is your personal brand website. We work with you to design a website experience and an integrated media strategy to create, package, and share your message widely beyond your website – through handpicked influencers, communities, and media platforms that can supercharge your growing awareness and credibility.

How We Do It


First, you will have an in-depth design session with your team of editorial and brand media experts who will then craft a robust Authority Blueprint that is tailored to your thought leadership goals. With a comprehensive plan in place up front, we can laser focus on delivering results for you – allowing you to focus your energy on the exciting part: watching your authority and your business grow!

Done FOR You

We wrote the book on it. We partner with thought leaders to help them leverage their expertise and position them to gain the best results from their publishing pursuits and marketing campaigns. While some of the best outcomes are achieved with your feedback and collaboration, we are capable of managing every aspect with little time and energy required from you.

Here We GROW

After creating and publishing your book, we will utilize it as a tool to position you as the authority in your field. We employ a mix of earned, owned, and rented media (developing websites, lead gen assessments, email drips, social media, crafting content, blogs, podcasts, digital advertising, and public relations campaigns) to aid in accomplishing your goals.

What is Your Authority Score?