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Publishing Overview

View common questions about the publishing process and how our one-of-a-kind publishing programs are designed to uniquely meet the needs of business leaders who are the best in their business.

The first step of publishing with Advantage is a vision session; this enables us to understand your unique goals and perspective. Next, a Master Book Plan is created and presented to you, along with a customized book promotion plan. After the plan is agreed upon, the ghostwriting matching process begins, if elected. Alternatively, your manuscript moves into the editing stage.

Our Distribution, Promotion, and Publicity services offer first-rate media coverage to support your book launch. Upon the completion and launch of your book and ebook, we will begin our best seller campaigns, if applicable to your chosen publishing program.

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Independent publishing combines the freedom of self publishing with the best of traditional publishing. The publishing quality mirrors that of a traditional publishing house, yet you still maintain creative control and own the rights to your book.

book publishing process varies in length based on the size of the book, the amount of research required, and the chosen participation level of the author. If you want it to be in bookstores, like airports or Barnes & Noble, then the process takes 12-18 months due to the long lead times needed to present the title to buyers. However, online retail timelines are much faster, taking only 9-14 months to complete.

Our distribution team of professionals works to sell your books to large retail and independent bookstores. Our distribution plans include Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

Publishing Details

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Long-Term Value and PR

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Publishing Programs

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