Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about book publishing and our media services with Forbes Books.

Publishing Overview

View common questions about the publishing process and how our one-of-a-kind publishing programs are designed to uniquely meet the needs of business leaders who are the best in their business.

The first step of publishing with Advantage is a vision session; this enables us to understand your unique goals and perspective. Next, a Master Book Plan is created and presented to you, along with a customized book promotion plan. After the plan is agreed upon, the ghostwriting matching process begins, if elected. Alternatively, your manuscript moves into the editing stage.

Our Distribution, Promotion, and Publicity services offer first-rate media coverage to support your book launch. Upon the completion and launch of your book and ebook, we will begin our best seller campaigns, if applicable to your chosen publishing program.

For more information on book publication, download your free guide to book publishing.

Independent publishing combines the freedom of self publishing with the best of traditional publishing. The publishing quality mirrors that of a traditional publishing house, yet you still maintain creative control and own the rights to your book.

book publishing process varies in length based on the size of the book, the amount of research required, and the chosen participation level of the author. If you want it to be in bookstores, like airports or Barnes & Noble, then the process takes 12-18 months due to the long lead times needed to present the title to buyers. However, online retail timelines are much faster, taking only 9-14 months to complete.

Our distribution team of professionals works to sell your books to large retail and independent bookstores. Our distribution plans include Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

Publishing Details

View details about book rights, agents, distribution and more.

When you publish with Advantage, you maintain all rights to your book, except publishing and distribution rights. Advantage remains the exclusive right to publish and distribute your book.

As an Advantage author, you have creative control of the book. Our publishing professionals assist you along the publishing process to ensure the book maintains high standards of quality that will help it succeed.

While other publishing houses may require an agent, our services are structured to directly work with the author — with no agent needed.

Our Advantage Books publishing programs are divided into different tiers, based on the additional promotion and services associated with them. Each package can be tailored to you; therefore, costs per publishing programs vary.

Our distribution team of professionals works to sell your books to large retail and independent bookstores. Our distribution plans include Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

When you publish your book with Advantage, you have the support of award-winning graphic designers who can bring your book cover to life. Each book cover is custom made to compete well in the retail marketplace. For examples of our designer’s work, view our list of published books.

Book plans are designed to change alongside the creative process. If a chapter needs to be added, removed, or split into two, we will update the Master Book Plan accordingly. However, large, unprecedented changes can alter the scope of the book plan and require additional work that may increase costs and time. These significant changes may incur additional fees.


Find answers to common questions surrounding the ghostwriting process.

Ghostwriting is the process of employing a writer to transform your thoughts into written content, while you maintain sole authorship. We employ award-winning ghostwriters in multiple genres, categories and languages to cater to your unique needs.

The ghostwriting process, from kick-off to sign-off on the line edit, is usually about 6 months. However, this timeline may increase based on the complexity of the book and the amount of research required. Despite common myths as to the duration of the publishing process, the entire process may be completed in 9–18 months.

Long-Term Value and PR

Learn how book authorship builds your authority and supports PR efforts.

Book authorship heightens your perceived professional expertise and gains you both visibility and credibility within your field. Book authorship can lead to increased PR opportunities, allowing you to stand out among peers as an authority.

Speaking is an important component to building a reputation as a thought leader and authority. Our PR strategist team creates tailor-made PR strategies that may include speaking arrangements, as well as exposure in print and digital mediums.

Publishing Programs

Discover the difference between our Forbes Books and Advantage Books imprints.

Forbes Books is the flagship book publishing imprint of Forbes Media, publisher of Forbes Magazine and As the largest, and most well known, business media brand in the world, Forbes Books truly represents The Best in Business.

A select group of Forbes Books authors are chosen from the applications we receive each year. Forbes Books authors share some common characteristics: They are CEOs, entrepreneurs, or leaders that have standout leadership accomplishments across their professional career and are well respected for their acumen.

Advantage Books is the namesake book publishing imprint of Advantage Media. Like Forbes Books, Advantage titles are crafted to the highest quality standards. Advantage Books authors are also experts with valuable knowledge and passion to share.

Advantage Books authors typically lead smaller or regional businesses and/or are creating a book to serve a very specific objective which doesn’t include the sale of copies through retail outlets.

Like Forbes Books, authors must apply, and Advantage Media is selecting titles based upon our ability to help the author achieve his/her goals and the merit of the content and message of the author.

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