Publishing Programs

Writing and Publishing

Our award-winning ghostwriters, editors, book designers/packagers, and brand and media strategists have helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals publish a high-impact book. With our streamlined independent book publishing process, your time is valued as our team of publishing professionals guide you from ideation to completion.

Our Publishing Process

Your strategy will be diligently overseen by a highly-experienced team of media and publishing professionals. This process starts with a vision-shaping session to identify your goals; together we develop a master plan that guides our partnership throughout the rest of the publishing process and book launch.

Vision and Design Session

Meet your Editorial and Strategy team and walk through your ideas, purpose, and intended outcomes for your book. Consult with your Master Book Planner to develop the broad structure of your book. Within 10 days of the design session, you will receive your Master Book Plan – a 10-15 page document that binds together your timeline and book details.

Blueprint Development

During your blueprint session, you will have the opportunity to make needed alterations to your book plan and develop a plan for promoting your book and brand. Your team will make suggestions on what brand and media services will best promote your book and elevate your authority.

Editorial Team Kickoff

With the Master Book Plan and Blueprint fully developed, you will be assigned an Editorial Manager and Brand & Media Leader who will guide you through every step of the publishing and Authority Media Services journey. You will also select a ghostwriting service, if desired, and begin the ghostwriting matching process.

Ghostwriter Interviews

After selecting your preferred ghostwriter, you will call to discuss your tone and identify what research needs to be done. Periodic calls with your ghostwriter are encouraged to ensure all questions or concerns are met and you are satisfied with their research.

Editing, Layout, and Design

During this stage, your ghostwriter will transform their interviews and research into chapters of your book. Upon your approval of the manuscript, your book will be formatted for print. After selecting your title, our award-winning design team will craft a unique and attractive cover that can compete in any bookstore.

Book Launch and Distribution

Upon the book’s layout approval, we will handle the entire scope of printing and distribution on your behalf. This includes distributing your book to leading bookstores and making your book available as a fully-formatted digital ebook.

Book Promotion

We will help you launch your book with a bang through our book promotion services. The promotional services are determined by your chosen book publishing program and add-on services, such as PR. With our promotions, your book can become an Amazon bestseller!

Advantage Publishing Programs

We offer two publishing options, Advantage Books and Advantage Books Plus, with different levels of service. While Advantage Books focuses on the creation and publication of your book, Advantage Books Plus includes book promotion and media services to support the book’s success. With the help of our experts, you can find the program best suited to your objectives.

Publishing Programs Comparison

Advantage Books Advantage Books Plus
Book Creation & Publishing
45,000 word ghostwritten manuscript and editing, book and eBook packaging and design, book publishing
Audiobook creation and publishing
News release announcing publication (with distribution via the wire)
Book Distribution & Sales
Online retail distribution including,
Offline retail distribution into physical stores
Library Distribution
Book Promotion & Marketing
Book seeding & reader review campaign
4-month book launch publicity campaign
Amazon Best Seller campaign
Amazon optimization & targeted advertising

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