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Our award-winning ghostwriters, editors, book designers/packagers, and brand and media strategists have helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals publish high-impact books. With our streamlined independent book publishing process, your time is valued as our team of publishing professionals guides you from ideation to completion.

Our Publishing Process

Your strategy will be diligently overseen by our highly experienced team of publishing professionals. The process starts with a collaborative ideation session to identify your goals and set the vision for your manuscript. The resulting plan will guide our partnership throughout the publishing process and book launch.

Vision and Blueprint Strategy

Vision and Blueprint Session

You’ll meet your Book Planning and Strategy team members, our Book Architects, in the Vision session, where we’ll explore your ideas, purpose, and goals for your book.

If you have a complete or partial manuscript, we’ll provide a professional manuscript review, offering editorial and structural guidance to make your book retail-ready.

Starting with just a concept? Our Book Architects will help you develop a Comprehensive Book Plan, a highly detailed outline for your book.

Within 10 days of your session, you’ll receive your Comprehensive Book Plan or your Manuscript Review. This personalized roadmap ensures your vision aligns with market expectations, setting the foundation for a successful publication.

Blueprint Session: Book and Promotion Plan

The Blueprint session is where we’ll first walk through your book plan or manuscript review and gather feedback on any needed alterations. Next, we’ll develop a plan for promoting your book and brand. Your dedicated team will make suggestions on what brand and media services will best promote your book and elevate your authority with your target audience.

Option 1: Ghostwriting Track

Ghostwriter Compatibility

Our Ghostwriting management team will provide you with several potential ghostwriters for you to interview as potential candidates. This unique opportunity allows you to get to know your potential ghostwriter to ensure the match sets the ghostwriting process up for success.

Ghostwriter Interviews

After selecting your preferred ghostwriter, you will meet to discuss crucial aspects such as voice, tone, and style, and to identify what research or interviews need to be conducted.

Editorial Team Kickoff

With the Comprehensive Book Plan and Blueprint fully developed, you will be assigned a Developmental, Production Editor and Authority Advisor who will guide you through every step of the publishing and Authority Media Services journey.

Writing, Editing, Layout, and Design

During this stage, your ghostwriter will transform their interviews and research into chapters of your book. Once your title is selected and you’ve approved the completed manuscript, it will move to our team of Production Editors to begin the copy editing process and format your book for print. Finally, our award-winning design team will create a unique and attractive book cover that can compete in any retail location.

Book Launch and Distribution

Upon the book’s layout approval, we will handle the entire scope of printing and distribution on your behalf. This includes distributing your book to leading bookstores and making your book available as a fully-formatted digital ebook.

Book Promotion

We will help you launch your book with a bang through our book promotion services. The promotional services are determined by your chosen book publishing program and add-on services, such as PR. With our promotions, your book can become an Amazon bestseller!

Option 2: Manuscript Publishing Track

Are you looking to publish a complete or partly finished manuscript? We offer an expedited version of the process outlined above, starting at the Editing, Layout, and Design stage. We also offer book coaching services for those looking for strategic guidance in finishing their manuscript.

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Advantage Publishing Programs

We offer three tiers of publishing services, spanning from manuscript to ghostwritten. With the help of our experts, you can find the program best suited to your objectives.

Complete your manuscript and we’ll perform the editing, design, publishing, and distribution.
Manuscript with Book Coach
We’ll help you finish your manuscript with a book coach and we’ll perform the editing, publishing, and distribution.
We’ll custom match you with a ghostwriter and we'll perform the editing, publishing, and distribution.
Full Creative Control
Ownership Rights
Editing, Proofing, Formatting
Custom Book Cover Design
Online Retail Distribution
Offline Retail Distribution
eBook Creation
News Release
Book Coaching
Ghostwritten Manuscript
Royalties Hardcover 50%, Paperback 80%, ebook 50%, Audiobook n/a, Translations 75%
Book Promotional Services: Public Relations Campaign, Amazon Best Seller Campaign, Book Seeding & Reader Review Campaign, Amazon Optimization & Advertising, Publishing Industry Reviews & Awards. Available a la carte. View Details

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