Family Business Rules

Craig Wieland

Family businesses come with their own unique challenges. To twist Tolstoy, “All happy family businesses are alike; each unhappy family business is unhappy in its way.” Craig Wieland has over 40 years of first-hand experience working in, and consulting with family businesses. In Family Business Rules, he explores what makes family businesses successful and all the ways they can become unhappy enterprises. He gets real as he talks about sibling rivalries, unethical behavior, the pain of addiction and embezzlement, and the frustrations of minority shareholders. He also talks about great success and what it takes to achieve it. Expect unfiltered, behind-the-scenes stories as Craig speaks with multi-generational family business owners as well as entrepreneurs who have built companies from the ground up. Family Business Rules provides an inside look at entrepreneurial life while highlighting key strategies to grow a prosperous business without it destroying your relationships.

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