Episode 13 | Part Two: Jon Singel, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Spotify

In the conclusion of Kathleen's conversation with Jon Singel, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Spotify, Jon talks about the skills required to be successful in recruiting and the importance of the content Spotify creates to connect with candidates. About Jon Singel: Jon is currently Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Spotify. Jon has been involved with a variety of Fortune 500 and hyper-growth companies across technology, consumer products, financial services, energy efficiency, and consulting industries. He is a strategically focused leader known for creating value and strengthening profitability through expertise in talent identification and human capital development. Jon is proven in executing large-scale organizational change, with a demonstrated talent to inspire, motivate and empower.

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Kathleen Duffy

The ability to scale and customize processes to deliver an optimal outcome is advantageous to employers and job- seekers alike. Her proven approach to recruitment has been so successful that Kathleen has written a book to be published in June, Revolutionizing Recruitment: How Recruitment Research is Reshaping the Industry, to help other hiring leaders perfect their recruitment practices. Kathleen balances her role as president of her busy firm with numerous business and community endeavors. She…

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