Episode 21 | Part One: Laura Putnam, CEO, Motion Infusion

The pandemic has given us insights into employee wellness and how mental and emotional health in the workplace should be defined. Last year, a survey found that 76% of workers felt that companies should be doing more to protect their mental health. So how can leaders take steps to support mental health and wellness in the workplace? This week, Kathleen is joined by Laura Putnam, the founder & CEO of Motion Infusion, a San Francisco-based well-being training and consulting firm that helps leaders build healthier, happier, and more innovative organizations.  In part one, Laura shares her journey to becoming a leader in the health and well-being space, and she breaks down the keys to building a workplace wellness program that works. About Laura Putnam: Laura is a leading voice for well-being at work, an international public speaker and the author of Workplace Wellness That Works. As CEO of Motion Infusion and creator of the leadership training program Managers on the Move, she infuses well-being and vitality into the workplace to help employees, teams, and organizations thrive. To read Laura’s latest work and to receive her monthly newsletter, click here.

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