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Albert Zdenek

Entrepreneur, Wealth Advisor

For over thirty years, Al Zdenek has empowered thousands of people to transform their lives by educating them to make better financial decisions, allowing them to live the life they want now and in the future.


Nationally-recognized wealth advisor and CPA, and the founder, president and chief executive officer of Traust Sollus Wealth Management, Al and his company have consulted with thousands of individuals, transforming their lives by applying the education and proprietary processes he created. With a firm grasp of the logic behind sound financial decision making, Al’s methods allow one to make the 100% correct financial decision, all the time.

Al has been selected to appear in lists of the nation’s top financial advisors and is often quoted in the media about wealth building and wealth management topics. He is often asked to present on wealth management and is a prominent speaker at conferences around the country. He is a graduate from Rutgers College and from Rutgers Graduate School of Business. He lives in Manhattan and Paris.

Master Your Cashflow book

Master Your Cash Flow by Al Zdenek

The Key To Grow And Retain Wealth

To create the life you want now and in the future, you have to become the master of your cash flow. By understanding the big picture of your financial situation, you will be able to make better financial choices―no matter how small. Trusted CPA and financial specialist Al Zdenek shares…

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