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Alex Zlatin

CEO, Maxim Software Systems (Maxident)

On top of his B.Sc. and MBA credentials, Alex Zlatin brings over 10 years of Management experience to his role as CEO of Maxim Software Systems.


His strong belief in human to human business first, brings to this role a desire to continue building relationships with our clients and their staff.

Throughout his time with Maxim Software Systems, Alex’s focus on collaboration with employees, stakeholders and our clients helped bring both Maxim and your practice to the next level.

Alex has streamlined processes companywide and helped to ensure seamless day to day operations at Maxim. Through strategic planning and marketing, Alex is helping bring these ideas to life directly while helping clients grow their practices.

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Responsible Dental Ownership

Balancing Ethics and Business Through Purpose

Managing a dental practice can be challenging. With so many variables and moving parts, it’s easy to lose sight of the business end of dental offices and miss opportunities for growth and improvement. But for a business so deeply rooted in patient care, smooth and reliable office management is essential.…

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