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Anton J. Gunn

Founder, 937 Strategy Group

For more than 20 years, Anton J. Gunn has been a leadership advisor to some of the biggest brands in the United States of America, including the President of the United States. Anton J. Gunn is the Founder of 937 Strategy Group and the author of The Presidential Principles.


He has worked with hundreds of leaders and organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sector. He is the Founder of 937 Strategy Group, a consulting practice that provides services to leaders and healthcare organizations who want to build a world-class leadership culture that transforms employee engagement and service outcomes. He is a former lecturer at Harvard University. Anton’s leadership exploits in business, sports and politics have been featured in Time Magazine Wall Street Journal, Huff Post and many other top media outlets.

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The Presidential Principles

How To Inspire Action And Create Lasting Impact

Historically, presidents have represented the apex of leadership. Though there are a myriad of variations in presidential leadership, author Anton Gunn has experienced some striking similarities that all strong leaders present. In a blend of Anton’s personal stories and his experiences with Presidents George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush,…

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