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Carlos Legaspy

President and CEO of InSight Securities

Carlos Legaspy is the President and CEO of InSight Securities. He authored Going For Broke: How One Of Latin America’s Largest Financial Frauds Became A Blessing In Disguise in 2022, published Advantage Media.


Carlos Legaspy was born in Texas and grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.He earned his degree at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education(ITESM)before embarking on a careeronWallStreet. He is presently the owner and CEO of Insight Securities. Carlos resides in Chicago.

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Going For Broke

How One of Latin America’s Largest Financial Frauds Became a Blessing in Disguise

When Carlos Legaspy, Mexican-American owner of a rising broker-dealer, uncovered the inner workings of a nine-figure Ponzi scheme, he thought he was doing the right thing by sounding the alarm. Instead, the fraud’s perpetrators shifted blame onto him, touching off a two-year saga of betrayal, fraud, and high-stakes financial drama…

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