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Carmine Corino

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Planning Group

Carmine Corino, Certified Financial Planner™, is the visionary behind Cornerstone Planning Group, a national wealth management firm dedicated to empowering clients and advisors to craft secure futures. Departing from the corporate constrained environment to establish an independent RIA, Carmine has steadfastly pursued an ethos of Impact and continues to enrich the lives of his clients and liberate other advisors from restrictive corporate settings.


Carmine Corino champions collaboration and prioritizes personal development, regularly engaging with multiple business coaches and mastermind groups across the nation. Apart from his professional pursuits, Carmine embodies the essence of a true fitness enthusiast. Whether he’s pounding the pavement, swimming laps in the pool, or pushing weights in the gym, Carmine dedicates himself to physical fitness to enhance his capabilities as an advisor and enrich his roles as a husband, father, and individual. Above all, his utmost happiness comes from embarking on adventures around the world alongside his wife Alexis and their two children, Mia and CJ.

broken dealer fiancial advisor book by carmine corino and daren blonski

Broken Dealer

Navigating the Path to Financial Advisor Independence

Under intense pressure from their corporate masters to sell products that customers may not need, many financial advisors desperately want to slip off the golden handcuffs and become independent agents. If you’re even contemplating making a move, Broken Dealer is a must-read. It will save you a lot of trouble……

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