Dr. Chase Dansie author headshot

Dr. Chase Dansie

Founder, Dansie Orthodontics

Chase Dansie, DDS, DHSc began in the field of restorative dentistry. While he enjoyed the practice, he realized many of the problems could’ve been prevented through early orthodontic treatment, which shifted his career in that direction. Dr. Dansie currently leads Dansie Orthodontics, with offices out of Utah, and focuses on making patients more comfortable and confident.

As an adolescent, Dr. Chase Dansie spent a lot of time in the orthodontic chair. He knows first-hand the difference quality care can make, as well as a confident smile. Fueled by his childhood experiences, Dansie developed a passion for setting a smile straight.


3D book cover of smile like you mean it

Smile Like You Mean It

A Parent’s Guide to Orthodontics

Your child’s smile is important. Poorly aligned teeth or jaws can affect your child growing up around peers―and they can even impact his or her careers later in life. Significant medical problems can also occur due to a lack of a straight smile, including chronic migraines, gum disease, and infections.…

What is Your Authority Score?