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Daren Blonski

Managing Principal of Fermata Advisors/ Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Daren Blonski, CFP® is the co-founder and Managing Principal of Fermata Advisors/ Sonoma Wealth Advisors. He is a learner, educator, and entrepreneur. With a Master of Arts in Psychology from Sonoma State University, he is deeply connected to helping clients take their lives to the next level. His clients see him as a coach, operating in the realm of financial planning.


Working with clients across the life-stage spectrum, Daren focuses particularly on assisting entrepreneurs looking to soak up life. Coupling his experience with traditional markets, Daren specializes in helping clients who value Bitcoin and other cryptos to build diversified investment strategies. A life-long learner.

Daren is a Certified Financial Planner, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™, a Certified Retirement Planner Specialist™, a Certified Exit Planning Advisor™ a Certified Retirement Planning Counselor™, an Accredited Asset Management Specialist™, a Smartvestor Pro™ with Dave Ramsey, a Certified Digital Asset Advisor™, and has received his certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets from the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals.

He is deeply committed to the pursuit of lifelong learning. As a lifelong resident of Sonoma County, if there is a race to be run, a weight to be lifted, a mountain to be climbed, Daren is all in. He loves the outdoors, fishing, and Red Sox Baseball. He spends his spare time pursuing his physical and mental agility through various outdoor and physical health related activities. With all this said, Daren’s greatest joys are his three children: Brooklyn, Bryton, and Brady.

broken dealer fiancial advisor book by carmine corino and daren blonski

Broken Dealer

Navigating the Path to Financial Advisor Independence

Under intense pressure from their corporate masters to sell products that customers may not need, many financial advisors desperately want to slip off the golden handcuffs and become independent agents. If you’re even contemplating making a move, Broken Dealer is a must-read. It will save you a lot of trouble……

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