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Dave Shepherd

Founder, Shepherd Wealth and Retirement

After being pressured to sell insurance products that were inferior to other products available, Dave Shepherd CFP® realized that the only way he could offer the best solution to his customers, and feel good about it, was by starting his own independent firm.

So despite having very young kids (one of them with special needs) and risking his career, Dave founded Shepherd Wealth and Retirement in 1986. Years later, he was joined by his son (and now Chief Investment Officer) David W. Shepherd CFP®.


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The Forever Millionaire

Making Wise Choices With Your Wealth

Have you tried to make the best financial decision possible only to find out later on that you were either mistaken or misled? If so, you know what a gut-wrenching feeling that is. And it’s beyond the money. It’s disappointing, frustrating, and painful! The so-called “experts” on TV talk as…

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