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David Paragamian

CEO of The Health Monitor Network

David Paragamian is a husband, father, and serial change agent—a self-identified “storyteller-in-chief.”

Over his thirty-plus year career, he’s worked for Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Razorfish Health, among others.


As the CEO of The Health Monitor Network, he guided the company through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping it pivot from legacy print media company to an industry-leading, modern, digital marketing platform.

David grew up a rule follower, coloring inside the lines and dreaming of attending the Naval Academy. Three decades of experience taught him that sometimes it’s better to break the rules—and embrace the gift of the pivot.

A CEO, board member, business school professor, and speaker, he’s now an outspoken champion for change, helping others achieve organizational transformation.

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Coming About

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Enacting meaningful change requires more than sending out a memo with new policies. Change that matters—change that really makes a lasting difference—starts with a change in culture. David Paragamian is an expert in organizational transformation, as he has helped companies, departments, and teams pivot. In Coming About, David describes the…

Coming About with David Paragamian

Coming About with David Paragamian will inspire and guide you to create lasting, positive changes in your organization. In each episode, you’ll get up close and personal with top business…

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