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Doug Ecklund

CEO, Cellular Advantage

Doug Ecklund is the longtime CEO of Cellular Advantage, a company that he and his wife Mitzi have grown from a single mall kiosk into one of the top US Cellular Authorized Agents in the country with over $28 million in revenues and more than one hundred team members.


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The 9 a.m. Meeting

A High-Impact Approach To Making Work Meaningful, Energizing Employees, and Taming the Turnover Tiger

Doug & Mitzi Ecklund’s company―and life together―was at a crossroads. They had signed a deal that would turn their six-location cellular company into a twenty-five store multi-market organization in just twelve months. The growth and stress almost ruined everything. That’s when Doug and his team led by Nick Villotti stumbled…

What is Your Authority Score?