headshot of chuck dietzen

Dr. Chuck Dietzen

President & Founder, Timmy Global Health

A pediatric rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Chuck Dietzen is the Founder and President of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis–‐based nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to expand access to healthcare in the developing world, while empowering students and medical professional volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges.


Through its current work in Ecuador, Guatemala, Nigeria, and the Dominican Republic, Timmy Global Health seeks to strengthen community-based healthcare initiatives by education and investing in partner organizations, providing financial support, and facilitating medical teams to serve communities on the ground.

3d book cover of pint sized prophets

Pint-Sized Prophets

Inspirational Moments That Taught Me We Are All Born to Be Healers

From three-year-old Abby’s struggle with life-threatening cancer to seventeen-year-old Margie’s role as a guardian angel, each of Dr. Chuck Dietzen’s young patients has taught him a special lesson about living his own life to the fullest. He feels as though the greatest gift he can give anyone is access to…

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