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Dr. Greg Brannon

Founder, Medical Director at Optimal Bio, PLLC

Dr. Gregory J. Brannon is an American surgeon, public figure, and founder of the leading bio-identical hormone replacement practice (BHRT) Optimal Bio, based in Cary, NC, with locations across the East Coast.


Dr. Greg Brannon is an OB/GYN devoted to delivering babies and championing aging gracefully, with values rooted in faith, freedom, and empowering patient health.

After practicing OB/GYN for nearly thirty years, Dr. Greg Brannon’s OB/GYN experience sparked his interest in hormones and how they work within the body and ultimately led him to open Optimal Bio, a BHRT practice dedicated to bringing people’s bodies back to the optimal levels they were initially designed to maintain.

Dr. Greg Brannon lives in Cary, NC (near Raleigh) with his wife, Jody. They have seven children. He was raised in California. Rooted in Christian values, he is devoted to his faith throughout all aspects of his life. Dr. Brannon’s passion for life is shown through his love of delivering babies as an OB/GYN and through his passionate championing of aging gracefully.

He enjoys quality time with loved ones, advanced physical training, playing golf, and educating himself through scripture, philosophy, and academic readings.

Dr. Brannon’s values are rooted in individual freedom and personal liberty. Along with his foundation of faith, his philosophy of health freedom through education and empowerment forms his international platform and national leadership in BHRT to spread these values to our culture.

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