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Emily Greene

Founder & Chief Creative, VIVA Creative

Emily Greene is cofounder of VIVA Creative and creator of the Kiddovate program. She is the author of School, Disrupted.


In 2020, she received an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® award recognizing innovation during adversity.

As a mother of three, Emily understands the challenges of school disruption in the pandemic. With parents everywhere, she has watched our outdated education system reach its breaking point.

In January of 2021, she released School, Disrupted, published by ForbesBooks. The book draws on two decades as a creative disrupter, combined with the personal experience of educating her own children both inside and outside of traditional schools. School, Disrupted lays out a timely, uplifting, and achievable way for parents, caregivers, and educators to help children rediscover the joy of learning–in the pandemic and beyond.

Over the last several years, Emily has worked with hundreds of teachers and students as part of the Kiddovate Program. She developed the Kiddovate program in 2012 to help educators and parents teach lifelong critical thinking and creativity skills to kids. The program helps to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators. Kiddovate’s tools, resources, and workshops, including a unique creative thinking app, have touched thousands of people across the world,

As the daughter of an immigrant, Emily is inspired by her mother, who was forced to leave school at a young age to support her family. As an elementary school child, Emily remembers watching her mother put herself through college, eventually graduating with honors.

This experience leaves her with a deep appreciation for the power of self-driven learning to transform lives. In this spirit, Emily has homeschooled her own children at various times in their educational journeys and coached many Odyssey of the Mind teams over the last decade.

Emily is the founder of the Creative Capital Impact Organization and leader of the VIVA Creative Foundation and its philanthropic and community initiatives.

Emily holds a degree in Creative Writing from Northwestern University. She will receive a Master of Science in Creativity and Innovation from Drexel University’s School of Education in March 2021. She is a proud member of NEXUS, a global community founded to bridge wealth with social entrepreneurs, and YPO, a global leadership community of chief executives. Emily is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™) with Yoga Alliance.

rediscover the joys of learning post Covid

School, Disrupted

Rediscovering the Joy of Learning in a Pandemic-Stricken World

School, Disrupted, will help you revive your child’s enthusiasm for learning by reigniting their curiosity, passion, and joy. Emily Greene lays out an uplifting, achievable way for parents, caregivers, and educators to help children thrive during pandemic-era schooling and beyond. “The time is now to co-create a better way to learn.…

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