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Kelly Giannetti and Thais Booms

Founders, Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists

Kelly Giannetti and Thais Booms are the founders of Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists and the authors of Beyond Braces.


Established in 2007, Drs. Giannetti and Booms teamed up to create an unparalleled orthodontic experience for patients in the Sacramento and West Sacramento area. Offering the latest technology to achieve the highest quality results, Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists pride themselves on a face-driven, low-force orthodontic experience for children, teens, and adults. As a team, their primary goal is to help patients move forward in their treatment―making sure each visit is as efficient and effective as possible.

Consumer guide to orthodontics

Beyond Braces

A Consumer's Guide To Orthodontics

Often people hear myths about orthodontics from their friends or family and accept them as facts. Maybe they’ve heard that adults can’t get braces, or that they’ll have to wear the same bulky, metal braces that were popular decades ago. Maybe they’re afraid that braces will cause them pain during…

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