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Grant Parr

Founder, GameFace Performance

Grant Parr is the founder of GameFace Performance, helping athletes and coaches increase their performance. He is the author of The Next One Up Mindset.


Grant Parr, MA, is a mental sports performance coach focusing on high-impact and combat sports. His practice uses mental skills techniques and strategies to help athletes and coaches gain a competitive edge in their sports performances. He works with a wide variety of athletes and teams including Olympians, Olympic coaches, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and high school athletes. His podcast, 90% Mental, provides a window into a broad range of athletes’ and coaches’ mental games and shares their insights around mental performance.

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The Next One Up Mindset

How to Prepare for the Unknown

The world is filled with unexpected opportunities for greatness. While many would crack under the pressure and chaos, Grant Parr knows from his experience as an athlete what it takes to learn how to bend and not break. Conquer the emotional hurricane of reaching your peak performance with Grant’s playbook…

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