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Gregory Gray

CEO of Gray Solutions LLC

Gregory Gray, owner of Gray Solutions, LLC, and co-owner of Pro Coach Company, left the corporate world in 2010 to pursue his Vision Story. Along the way he bought, sold, and currently owns several businesses. He helps businesses develop dynamic leaders and teams supported by high performance cultures. He also guides them through transformation of their systems and processes.


Through his teaching and coaching he is transforming businesses and lives. As an executive coach and business advisor, Gregory will help you find freedom in your business and life. Gray Solutions offers courses, programs, and workshops specifically designed to effect positive transformation so you can realize your desired vision and lifestyle.

He is also the host of the Business Owner Freedom Podcast, which explores subjects for small business owners weekly. Gregory is the father of two daughters and has been married for over two decades to his best friend Kim.

They live south of Nashville on a farm where they raise grass fed beef and lamb. They also enjoy riding their horses and playing with their retrievers. They love their lifestyle and are living their vision daily.

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