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Jacob Malherbe

Founder, X Social Media LLC.

Jacob Malherbe is the founder of X Social Media, LLC, the first Facebook ad agency focusing exclusively on plaintiff law firms. Jacob created his first Facebook ad in 2013 and is currently managing the Facebook advertising of more than one hundred firms.


During 2017, X Social Media, LLC ran more than four thousand ad campaigns and one hundred thousand different ads for their clients, reaching over $7.5 million in Facebook advertising spend. Jacob is a frequent speaker at legal conferences about Facebook advertising for law firms, and is often referred to as the “Facebook guy” in the industry.

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The Facebook Effect for Lawyers

Advertising for the Digital Age

In most law firms, advertising dollars are squandered on antiquated technologies that are unable to reach the right clients at the right times with speed or precision. Not only is the ROI on print, billboard, and TV advertising dreadfully low, it’s also painfully slow―the equivalent of setting bait and trying…

What is Your Authority Score?