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Jan L. Bowen

Founder and Principal, Strategic Solutions Services, LLC

Jan L. Bowen is an author, keynote speaker and thought leader committed to helping leaders find their vision and purpose through balance. Jan’s career began in education and psychology, followed by over 25 years of corporate leadership consulting. Now, as founder and principal of Strategic Solutions Services LLC, Jan leverages her experience, skill and knowledge to help leaders reach the next level of their creative aspirations.


It's Not That Complicated book

It’s Not That Complicated

How To Create A Personalized Template of Alignment

Every facet of your being―physical, mental, and spiritual―has the capacity to bring joy and fulfillment to your everyday life. By bringing your talents, skills, values, purpose, energy and style in sync with the external world, you position yourself to thrive. It’s Not That Complicated walks you through the easy process of…

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