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Joey Brannon

Founder, Axiom Strategic Consulting

Joey Brannon is the founder of Axiom Strategic Consulting. Over the past twenty years, he has worked on accounting systems, tax return preparation and planning, financial forensics, international compliance, ERP systems, and management issues.


Today, his firm helps businesses build and execute strategic plans for growth. Joey recently launched The Consulting CPA, a program to teach other CPAs how to build strategic consulting into their existing tax and accounting practices. Since its initial launch, The Consulting CPA has trained dozens of CPAs in the US and abroad. Joey is a Florida native who lives with his wife, Josie, and their three children.

Grow With Purpose book cover

Grow with Purpose

Building a Mission-Driven Business

In a world, filled with uncertainties, tough judgment calls, and unclear business documents and financial statements, many small business owners struggle with growing their company. In Joey Brannon’s Grow with Purpose: Building a Mission-Driven Business, he draws upon his experience as a CPA and business consultant to share notable case…

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