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Katheryne Stone

Kathy Stone, philanthropist, entrepreneur, business leader, wife, friend, and mother has built her life on a foundation of deep Christian values and personal sense of purpose to always do her best and to help others.



Along the way, she learned that being “right” isn’t always what’s most important, that the world won’t end if you don’t always follow “the rules” and, sometimes, life is just supposed to be fun.

Kathy loves travel, music, art, and reading but most important is her family—all who live nearby and who bring her unimaginable joy.

Taking Chances, Making Choices book cover

Taking Chances, Making Choices by Katheryne Stone

One Woman's Willingness to Take Daring Chances, Make Bold Choices, and Follow Her Dreams

Decide to Dream is the honest, humble, and sometimes raucous tale of Kathy Stone’s evolution from an overly serious, risk-averse, independent young woman to an entrepreneur, business leader, thrill-seeker, wife, mother, and friend who dares to not only dream big, but to make those dreams a reality. Raised in a…

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