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Marcy Cassidy

Superintendent of Schools at Burlingame School District

Dr. Marcy Cassidy is the Superintendent in Topeka, Kansas with over 35 years of experience in education.



DR. Mary Cassidy, EdD, knows the education system. From serving as a teacher for 11 years, 3 years as a curriculum director, 1 year as an assistant principal, a principal for 16 years, and now a superintendent, she’s scaled each rung of the ladder and has the expertise, funny stories, and strategies to show for it.

After a collective 35 years in the field, Cassidy’s educational creed has evolved into one that focuses on the whole child, investing in their educational, social, and emotional skills. When she isn’t at the office making her district a better place for everyone, Cassidy can be found spending time with her husband and two adult sons, traveling to new places, and reading and writing. Marcy calls Topeka, Kansas, home.

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Roll Call

The ABCs of Surviving & Thriving in Today's Schools

It’s time to get fit and conquer the classroom! In Roll Call, experienced educator and administrator Dr. Marcy Cassidy skillfully parallels the challenges and triumphs of teaching with popular reality shows such as “Survivor.” Through sharing from her library of often jaw-dropping, knee-slapping anecdotes, Cassidy provides 35 years’ worth of…

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