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Mark Fried

President, TFG Wealth Management

Mark Fried is president of TFG Wealth Management, LLC, and has over twenty years’ experience in the financial services industry. Mark specializes in working with retirees and pre-retirees to develop and implement financial strategies that provide financial security to and through retirement.


As an expert in his field, Mark has been a contributor to Fox Business News, NBC News, USA Today, and many other financial media outlets. Mark cohosted a PBS special focusing on the right way to select a financial advisor. He also was the Financial Editor for Suburban Life Magazine and hosts his own radio show What’s Your Wealth Strategy?

3D book cover of road rules to retirement

Road Rules for Retirement

Set Your Destination Enjoy the Journey

You’re approaching the next stage of your life: retirement. Although there is no crystal ball that can predict the future, you can begin plotting your course to a financially secure retirement. In Road Rules for Retirement, Mark shares the many challenges you will face getting to and through retirement. He…

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