headshot of dr. michael landry

Dr. Michael J. Landry

Founder, Consultants In Dental Aesthetics

Michael Landry, DDS, ABAD, is a board-certified expert in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. He has over 35 years of experience in the field and has been recognized as one of “America’s Top Dentists” since 2004. Dr. Landry currently practices his commitment to excellence and artistry in his Houston practice, Consultants in Dental Aesthetics.

Dr. Landry has been awarded membership into the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. He can frequently be found on the lecture circuit, speaking to dental students, dentists and their teams discussing the topic  of digital dentistry in a high touch environment and cone beam computer tomography. His commitment to excellence, artistry and the latest technology separates him from the rest. Dr. Landry utilizes computers extensively in his practice  yielding you the best possible results. He is proud to be one of the very first paperless dental practices in all of Houston, Texas.


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A Category of One

Beyond The Boundaries of Dentistry

Visiting the dentist has historically been a chore, a dreaded task, a necessary nuisance. Sometimes dental horror stories are even traded like baseball cards―but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your dental health is vital to not only your personal wellness, but your overall well-being. For something so important,…

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