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Mike Sudermann

Founder, Ascent Select

Mike Sudermann is an executive recruiter with over ten years’ experience placing top tier talent with companies around the world. He is the owner of the award-winning executive search firm, Ascent Select, which uses a customized search approach to provide top tier professionals to clients in weeks rather than months like most firms, without sacrificing quality.


Before starting Ascent Select in 2011, Mike worked with a boutique executive search firm and built his reputation as an executive strategic search advisor, maintaining excellent relationships with clients and consistently meeting their needs for new talent.

Within five years with the firm, he had reviewed over fifty thousand resumes, worked with over fourteen thousand hiring managers, and guided over five hundred executives in career and employment tactics. He became more than just a headhunter; he was a trusted partner to clients and an expert that leaders of industry came to for a wide array of career advice.

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The Executive Leap

Breakthrough Strategies to Land Your Next Top Job

You’re looking for that next big career change. Ideally―a leap into a much better or bigger role than the one you have now. However, as an established mid-to-senior-level executive, that change likely is not very fluid. Maybe you have already spent a few grand having your resume crafted and perfected…

What is Your Authority Score?