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Nola Peacock

Founder, Confident Happy Kids

Family relationship expert Nola Peacock guides, supports, and empowers parents to ease the challenges of parenting. At Confident Happy Kids, Nola serves as a kids confidence coach, working with families to create a one-of-a-kind program to help children and teens boost their confidence, improve communication, reduce stress and worry, and develop strategies to deal with difficult situations.


Nola’s background as a pediatric nurse and thirty years’ experience as a music mentor to children, as well her experience as a teen who struggled with depression, created her passion for helping children and their families overcome communication issues, bullying, anxiety, depression, and loss. Nola can be contacted through her website at www.confidenthappykids.com

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Honouring Our Kids

How To Encourage Growing Hearts & Minds

As a parent, you want to have all the answers―to make everything okay for your child all the time. But the truth is, one-on-one time with your child is fractional. In today’s busy existence filled with academics, school, sports, clubs, and camps, how can you have all the answers to…

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