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Patrice Moore

President and Founder - The Watershed Group

Patrice “Patti” Moore, RN, BSN, MSN, ARNP, is President and Founder of The Watershed Group, a strategic consulting company that for the past 15 years has helped hospice leaders build successful businesses focused on increased productivity and cultural alignment. Moore’s methods have guided hospice leaders to financial success, using care, compassion, respect, and empowerment.

Prior to starting The Watershed Group, Patti led a hospice with three employees for 16 years. Under her care, it grew to become one of the largest nationally recognized community based hospice organizations in the US. This is her second book; she co-authored the book How Goes It With Your Soul in 2001. Patti and her husband live in Gainesville, Florida.


No Mission, No Margin book

No Mission, No Margin

Creating a Successful Hospice with Care and Competence

Develop a corporate culture that puts patients and their families first. The money will follow. Hospice work is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, commitment and accountability to succeed. When hospice is at its finest, a properly trained, compassionate staff can make a profound difference in the…

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