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Patti & Milledge Hart


Patti S. Hart is a retired but engaged former tech-industry leader, serving in such roles as CEO, chairman, board member, and advisor. In 1998 she was named to Fortune magazine’s inaugural list of “Most Powerful Women.”

Milledge A. Hart is a successful entrepreneur and investment banker. After selling his investment bank, he now serves as chairman of Drake Star Partners (international investment bank), Quarles Petroleum (petroleum distribution) and Soles4Souls (a non-profit alleviating poverty).


Patti attended Illinois State University where she was named a “Distinguished Alumna” in 2015. Patti has always valued community involvement, dedicating her free time to advancing the arts, human rights, and “sport for all.” Patti is also the proud mom to her son, Dustin.

Milledge is a proud parent and a graduate of Duke University, and he is keenly interested in making the world a better place.

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