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Phillis Morgan J.D.

Founder/Executive Coach

PHILLIS MORGAN, J.D. is the founder of Resilient At Work, a consultancy that helps organizations address the behaviors that contribute to workplace conflict, high stress, and bias, all of which undermine vibrant, inclusive, and productive teams.


Phillis is a NATO Medal recipient, employment lawyer, executive coach, and yoga teacher who has worked in conflict and high-stress environments for over 30 years, including Afghanistan, Uganda and Nepal.

She has defended the federal government’s largest employers, as well as Fortune 100 companies, in legal actions with billions of dollars and reputations at risk. Phillis has studied mindfulness meditation with masters in Thailand and India, has taught as an adjunct professor globally, and is active in various American Bar Association committees.

Resilient in Conflict book cover

Resilient In Conflict

How Managers Use Mindfulness To Navigate Workplace Conflict With Courage

This book offers a roadmap for how managers can apply mindfulness—that is, attention and intentionally purposefully placed—to conflict. While it might not seem like it, conflict offers a gift: the opportunity to develop our fortitude and capacity—that is, resilience—to be in conflict with courage, skillfulness, and wisdom. Managers don’t have…

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