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Rachel A. Sapoznik

President and CEO, Sapoznik Insurance

Rachel Sapoznik is the founder, CEO and President of Sapoznik Insurance. At a time when companies and employees alike fret over rising insurance premiums, Rachel emerges as a passionate and shrewd voice, calling attention to overlooked solutions to achieve premium cost reduction.


Efforts to promote employee wellness and health education will, according to Sapoznik, provide for a healthier bottom line. Rachel has been recognized as an industry expert and has received several awards, including South Florida Business Journal’s “Top Insurance Agencies,” “Influential Business Woman of the Year,” and The Commonwealth Institute’s “Top 50 Women-Led Businesses in Florida.” She is a visionary who has built the roadmap to navigate today’s healthcare challenges, providing solutions for a healthier tomorrow.

A Passion For Wellness book

A Passion For Wellness

Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line

Make employee health a priority and grow your company without the fear of having to provide health insurance you can’t afford. You can take control. A Passion for Wellness: Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line is your resource for learning how wellness education, strategy, and implementation can promote a shift from…

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