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Raj Mohan


Raj Mohan is an entrepreneur and the author of Sin-Seer Leadership. 


As an entrepreneur, businessperson and above all, human being, we require an overarching strategy for survival, success and sustenance in this chaotic world. Raj D. Mohan offers a unique perspective on the formulation of such a strategy, informed by his worldly background and international lifestyle.

Mohan has had homes in far-reaching corners of the globes, including India, the United Kingdom, West Africa and beyond. His family’s business roots lay in the pharmaceutical industry, giving him decades of experience and wisdom in one of the world’s most important economic sectors. Mohan insists the old adage “prevention is better than a cure” delivers a larger-than-life truth.

Sin Seer Leadership book

Sin-Seer Leadership

A Light-Hearted Guide to Morality in The Business World

You are a soldier and a CEO, about to be reborn into a new way of thinking about business; a moral one based on an original blueprint and ancient principles. Mary Poppins sang, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Indeed, the bitter medicine of truth can be…

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