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Stan Webb

Founder of DreamCatcher Wealth Management, Founder of the Eldercare Channel of Wichita

Stan Webb, CFS, CSA, is armed with over 30 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.


As founder of DreamCatcher Wealth Management, founder of the Eldercare Channel of Wichita, host of the weekly DreamCatcher Radio show, and co-founder of The Minerva Foundation for Financial Literacy, Stan makes it his personal mission to advocate for better financial literacy at all ages.

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Optimize Your Wealth

Your Personal Guide to Enhancing, Protecting, and Sustaining Generational Wealth

Are you getting the most out of your financial resources? How you define wealth and spend your money has a lot to do with your past. How you were raised and your life experiences stand to shape your finances today, as well as the legacy of your financial security tomorrow. In…

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