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Tamar Milo

Founder, Dorot Family Business Consulting

Tamar Milo is the founder of Dorot Family Business Consulting and the author of Succeeding at Succession.


Over a career spanning decades, family business continuity expert Tamar Milo has helped countless families work through the many problems and fears birthed by the intermingling of wealth and success with complex family dynamics. With an eye towards establishing common ground and strengthening generational relationships, Tamar believes in the power of family, whatever form it may take.

Tamar attributes her interest and skill in the art of family cooperation and harmony to her own childhood in a kibbutz. As both an only child and a resident of the communal children’s home, Tamar became adept at bridging social divides and fostering an inclusive atmosphere in which peers grew to trust and rely upon their friends and siblings. It is this art that she brings to every client, and now, this very book. Tamar lives in Israel with her devoted husband, Hillel. They have three children and two grandchildren.

succeeding at secession book

Succeeding at Succession

How Family Businesses Can Share Power, Money, and Control...and Still Remain a Family

“With its clear blend of real-life examples and professional insights, Succeeding at Succession offers next generation members in family owned businesses wise guidance for navigating competing business and family needs while fulfilling their own aspirations, upholding family values and strengthening family relationships.” – Prof. John Davis, MIT Sloan School of…

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