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T.J. Jones

Director of Sales, Zapp RX, Inc.

TJ Jones is a leadership crusader, author, speaker, team-builder, and coach. He has spent twenty-five years first as a teacher and coach, then twenty years as a corporate sales executive and head of training and development. He has developed his leadership and self-development expertise in the trenches.


He hasn’t just studied positive influence and performance improvement but he’s lived it by hiring, training, and coaching thousands of people to greater success and fulfillment. He brings an everyman’s real world experience and positive spirit to his work.

He speaks, teaches, and coaches in a fun and highly interactive way with the intention of stirring both feeling and positive change. TJ released his book The Caring Warrior: Awaken Your Power To Lead, Influence, and Inspire in November of 2016

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The Caring Warrior

Awaken Your Power To Lead, Influence, and Inspire

We live busy and distracted lives. We struggle to maintain ourstrength and identity in the midst of constant challenge and rapid change. Because life often feels more like a fight than the gift it is, we seek the courage to persevere and find fulfillment. In The Caring Warrior, TJ Jones…

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