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Tosha Starke

Founder of All Four Paws Veterinary Relief

Dr. Tosha Starke is the founder of All Four Paws Veterinary Relief and Vets To Pets, providing exceptional veterinary care in Northern Virginia.


A Virginia native with a DVM from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Starke has over 15 years of experience as a Chief of Staff, shelter vet, and associate. Her innovative Vets To Pets service offers in-home and virtual pet care, reducing stress for animals and owners while alleviating strain on clinics. Based in Northern Virginia with her family and three dogs, Dr. Starke is devoted to making vet care more accessible.

impawsible conditions book cover by tosha starke, michele pevahouse, and kaitlynn scharapowa

Impawsible Conditions

Unleashing the Hard Truths About The Veterinary Profession

Unleashing the truth about the ongoing crisis in veterinary medicine Are you already deep inside the trenches of the veterinary field and need some practical help and a huge dose of hope? Are you a pet owner who is curious about really goes on behind the scenes in your local…

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