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Tramico Herman

Care Management Transformation Expert

Tramico Herman knew she wanted to be a nurse in sixth grade. After a prosperous RN career in hospital units and patient care plans, she transitioned to Fortune 100 Care Management transformations.


Tramico quickly established a place among the country’s most recognized experts in empowering others and improving healthcare quality. “It’s an extension of my universal role to transcend knowledge to others through my life experiences. My goal is to guide those who wish to tap into their higher selves, treat others with integrity, and live blissfully.”

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The Crux of Care Management

Steps to Managed Care and Patient-Centric Service Excellence for Leaders

We all count on quality medical care, from sore throats to heart surgery, and a network of talented professionals makes it all happen. But it can be a rocky road behind the scenes. That’s where care management programs come in, providing coordinated education for everything from medical conditions and healthcare…

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