A Chair at My Table book

A Chair At My Table

Being Zuccarelli: Cooking, Eating, Living

By: Olimpia Zuccarelli

When you work this much, you also have to keep a sense of humor. We are always laughing at Zuccarelli’s. At the end of the day, it’s a dish of pasta. It’s a piece of fish. It’s a side of meatballs.

Although it is common knowledge that you can’t please everybody all the time, at Zuccarelli’s we never stop trying!

We work hard to earn people’s appreciation and loyalty. When we see customers react with pleasure the way they do, it just makes it all worthwhile.

It’s the satisfaction of being paid a compliment, when people tell us they love it at Zuccarelli’s, or when they recommend us to their friends and family to have dinner here because it has been such a great experience.

The key to success, the whole idea, is to get customers to come back again. And again. And again. Loyal customers are the foundation of a successful business!


Olimpia Zuccarelli

Owner & Operator - Zuccarelli’s Restaurant

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