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A Framework for Growth

Smart Financial & Tax Planning Strategies throughout the Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

By: Robert Cordasco

The Stretegic Entrepreneurial Journey: A Parable for Making the Right Decisions on Finances and Taxes for Every Stage of the Life Cycle.

The entrepreneurial path is full of excitement―and risk. The stakes are high, and while it may seem like the sky is the limit, there are no guarantees. Businesses are prone to steep financial and tax challenges. Failure to address these issues could lead to drained accounts, mountains of debt, and doors closing.

Mitigating these risks and maximizing services that lead to smart business decisions have the potential to do more than help an entrepreneur sleep at night; they can lay out a solid direction for both the company and the entrepreneur.

Planning is key for every entrepreneur, regardless of where they are on their journey. Making the most of the accounting, tax, and financial tools available can bring benefits for startups, growing companies, and those preparing for an exit. Reviewing models and working with experts can enable entrepreneurs to avoid unwanted financial surprises in both their business and personal lives.

In A Framework for Growth, author Robert Cordasco offers real-life, relatable scenarios to help entrepreneurs understand the smart approach to take when moving through their own business life cycles. By utilizing the right framework and anticipating future needs, a pathway can be laid that leads to success at every level.


Robert Cordasco

Certified Public Accountant and Certified Information Technology Professional

The firm’s services are specifically designed to help clients capitalize on the rapidly changing tax and accounting environment during each stage of their business’ lifecycle. Cordasco continues to innovate customized…

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