A S.E.A.L. To Heal Your Marriage book cover

A S.E.A.L. To Heal Your Marriage

A Decorated Navy SEAL's Operational Guide to Heal Your Relationship

By: Darek Laviolette

Wives, give this book to your husband if you’re considering leaving him―or already did. Your marriage is spinning out of control . . . you don’t know why your partner is mad, why you’re unhappy, or how to get back to that person they first fell in love with. How do you stop the damage and implement the healing steps necessary to recover your intimate relationship?

In A S.E.A.L. to Heal Your Marriage, decorated Navy SEAL Darek Laviolette addresses what you alone can do to heal your marriage, regardless of how broken it is. Darek’s heartfelt apology of the highest proportions to his ex-wife and children will expose valuable information.

Darek will help you clearly identify and understand the hidden reasons you fight with the person you intend to love, honor, and cherish, as well as understand what you and your spouse require in order to heal.


Darek Laviolette


Darek Laviolette is a highly decorated, retired Navy SEAL with 24 years of service. Darek’s passion for healing marriages stems from personal experience and childhood influences. Darek’s exposure to self-help…

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