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Achieve Your Victory

Solutions for TMD and Sleep Apnea

By: Dr. Daniel Klauer

What would a victory look like to you? Is it waking up pain-free and rested? Or is it getting through the day without dizzy spells or sharp, blinding headaches? People from young athletes to senior citizens are getting used to the norm of chronic treatment for persistent problems—but your norm today doesn’t have to be your norm tomorrow.

In Achieve Your Victory: Solutions for TMD and Sleep Apnea, Dr. Daniel Klauer aims to educate anyone willing to revise what they think is the norm, and plan ahead for their future health. This book will teach you how getting to the source of your problems can help you:

  • improve restless sleep and increase energy
  • decrease TMJ pain and keep issues from reoccurring
  • find victory in better, long-term health

You shouldn’t have to play roulette with restlessness or jaw pain every day. Dr. Klauer is giving you the roadmap to discovering the cause of your symptoms and stifling them before the problem gets worse. Don’t settle for fatigue—find the solutions to your problems and achieve your victory.


Dr. Daniel Klauer

Clinical Director, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana

Since 2013, Dr. Klauer chose to limit his practice to treating patients with craniofacial pain, TMD, and sleep breathing disorders. Outside the office, Daniel enjoys life with his wife and…

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